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Photo of the Day – August 3, 2010: Macaron Parlour

The thing I love the most about Macaron Parlour is their distinctly American twist on the most classic of French classics, the Parisian macaron.  Without sacrificing the incredibly refined and delicate texture of the macaron, Christina Ha and Simon Tung create flavors that would hopefully thrill but just might shock the bakers at Laduree, one of my favorite patisseries in Paris that has been making these light, crispy delicacies since the 1860’s.

Ha studied pastry making at the Atelier Pierre Herme de Formation a la Haute Patisserie in Paris, and Tung “always had a soft spot for sweets and loves being in the kitchen.”  Together, they maintain the beautiful, soft, pastel colors of the traditional macarons, and even some of the flavors, like salt caramel and vanilla.  But many of their flavors pull from the American palate, including Peanut Butter Cup, Rocky Road, and S’Mores.  The Asian-American influence is really wonderful too in their Thai Chili and Matcha flavored macarons.

And then there’s the Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese macaron, a perfect combination of maple sugar with a hint of savory bacon.  It’s like a tiny bite of Sunday brunch.

As I wrote yesterday, Macaron Parlour was one of the delightful stops on our “Sugar Fest” this past weekend.  Pick up all the flavors at the Hester Street Fair every weekend, or place your order on the Macaron Parlour’s Etsy shop.

Vive Le Macaron Franco-Americain!


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