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Photo of the Day – August 3, 2011: Vernakular

Vernakular is the brainchild of photographer and designer Raoul Calleja, creating clothing and accessories that feature fine photography by a group of photographers hailing from New York, Chicago, Portland, Singapore, and beyond.

The photos are selected and then printed on t-shirts, messenger bags, wallets, journal books, and smaller memo books.  There are currently 9 photo collections.  The subway image on the wallet pictured is by Raoul himself in the Etc. Collection. This particular image first caught my eye because it’s a familiar sight.  But then I noticed the beautiful angles, clarity and qualities of the photo itself.  That combination is the essence of Vernakular’s designs: excellent artwork featured on personal, usable objects.

Vernakular accepts photo submissions on a rolling basis.  So if you have some compelling images that you think would look great on products, visit the Vernakular submissions page for details.

You can find Vernakular every weekend at the Young Designers Market.  And today through Monday, August 8, you can find Vernakular and 25+ other designers at the Independent Designers Pop Shop at Chelsea Market!  (Trust me – I went to the first Independent Designers event, and you do not want to miss this one!)


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