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Photo of the Day – August 30, 2010: Zucchini Season and The City Cook

Zucchini is at its finest in the Greenmarkets right now.  I saw people munching on mini loaves of mouth watering zucchini bread from Baker’s Bounty as they strolled through the Greenpoint/McCarren Park market on Saturday.  What really got me thinking about zucchini, though, was this recipe for Rigatoni with Fried Zucchini from The City Cook, Kate McDonough. It is the perfect recipe for a cook like me because it is incredibly simple and yields a delicious result that is hearty yet refreshing and summery.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you can probably substitute some yellow squash for part of the zucchini for additional color.

The vegetables pictured are from Migliorelli Farms, the wonderful Hudson Valley farm that participates in almost 45 different farmers markets in the city and surrounding region each week.  Zucchini actually has a pretty long growing season, so you have plenty of time to try all the lovely zucchini recipes you want.  What is your favorite one?

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