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Photo of the Day – August 31, 2010: Sock Monkeys from Brooklyn Craft

I seriously love sock monkeys.  I have never see a cooler sock monkey than this black skeleton bad boy by Brooklyn Craft.  Tamara Stoddard, the crafter, stitcher and designer behind the sock monkeys, also creates other great soft toys, including terrycloth elephants, catnip mice, and many more.  Her appliqued onesies sell like hotcakes at the Hester Street Fair, with tyrannosaurs, goldfish, and other creatures.  Brooklyn Craft has an Etsy shop as well, where you can purchase baby bibs with appliqued hamburgers and whales on them.  Tamara’s dream is to open a Brooklyn Craft store, “a store that’s like a craft fair every day.”  I for one, would be first in line on Opening Day.  Especially if she calls her store, “Sock Monkeys R Us.”

You can find Brookyn Craft and Tamara stitching away at the Hester Street Fair and Artists and Fleas.  Check her very fun blog for locations and details.


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