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Photo of the Day – August 5, 2010: Fool’s Gold Bakelite and Vintage Jewelry

Looking Bakelite jewelry?  Look no further than Fool’s Gold on the the sidewalk of Bleecker Street at the Our Lady of Pompeii Crafts Market.  Nestled in the heart of the Greenwich Village, this compact market is brimming with lovely handmade and vintage items.  Fool’s Gold proprietor Sheila Strong has a significant collection of Bakelite jewelry in all the traditional aged colors, including cream corn and butterscotch.  She has many pieces in remarkable condition, from the pink bangles in the photo, which normally would have turned orange with age, as well as Victorian mourning cameos.  Spend some time browsing the collection.  And if you are looking for something in particular, Strong may just have it for you the following week.

You can find Fool’s Gold on Bleecker Street between Leroy and Carmine Streets most Saturdays and Sundays.  This weekend, however, she will be in Easthampton at the Mulford Farm Antique Show on Saturday, August 7 from 10AM – 5PM.  Earlybirds are from 8AM – 10AM.  This is her only show out in the Hamptons this summer, so don’t miss out!


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