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Photo of the Day – August 8, 2011: New York Artifact Art

The works of art by Scott Jordan of New York Artifact Art have to be some of the most fascinating objects in the markets of New York City.  Scott visits construction sites throughout the city and retrieves bits and pieces of our city’s history, buried in the layers of dirt and old construction that have piled on over past centuries.  Before something new gets built, Scott goes in and excavates the old buried treasures on the site.

The piece in the photograph is a necklace from the new Primitive New York Collection, made from a porcelain dinner plate shard circa 1820.  Scott documents every piece he finds.  This particular one was buried in a lot  beneath Elizabeth Street and Prince Streets in Soho.  His design partner, Dolhathai S. (aka Pooh) creates rich jewelry designs using the fragments of porcelain and glass, keys, and other objects.  Scott himself creates collage art, often with porcelain dolls, pottery fragments, old pipes, shells, and so much more.

There are many wonderful and incredible aspects to Scott Jordan’s work, and his website has photos and stories that tell his tales.  He also has a lovely new book out, Past Objects, which I highly recommend for history buffs, archeologists, and anyone who loves New York City.

You can meet Scott and Pooh on Saturdays at the St. Anthony’s Market on West Houston and Sullivan Streets, and Sundays at the Greenflea.

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