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Photo of the Day – August 9, 2010: Pipe Dreams Goat Cheese

Pipe Dreams Goat Cheese is served in the finest restaurants in Washington, DC.  And now we can get it in here in New York at Saxelby Cheesemongers in the Essex Street Market.  It comes in 12 oz. ashed logs; you can purchase the entire log or half.  Needless to say, it is exquisite goat cheese, pungent and creamy, just salty enough, and extremely refined.

I actually went to elementary school with proprietor and head cheese maker Brad Parker.  I think he and my sister may have held hands in a tree house in 4th grade.  After college, Brad went into the Peace Corps in Malawi.  He learned to make goat cheese there, and now he has a wonderful farm in Greencastle, PA.  He delivers his goat cheese to restaurants in DC in person, sometimes with a nice goat in the back of his truck.

It sells out almost immediately at Saxelby’s.  Clearly, Brad is building a fan base in New York City.  I hope his goat is ready for a bit longer road trip very soon.

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