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Photo of the Day: Birdhouse Jewelry

Birdhouse Jewelry’s tented boutique at the Brooklyn Flea has become a destination in and of itself within the flea.  Designers Amy and Alen Lapierre create lovely, versatile, and unusual pieces that suit any taste.  From dainty to edgy, sparkly crystals to headphone charms, the designs are so diverse that I could not choose just one photo to represent their lines.  In fact, five photos barely scratches the surface of all that Birdhouse Jewelry has on their display tables.

Amy and Alen’s pieces are all handmade, and they incorporate beautiful crystals, quartz, pearls and more.  One of my favorite aspects of their design is the subtle detail, like a teensy bird or a small crystal halfway up a necklace chain.  And they are always coming out with new items, including mixed metals, which is definitely a favorite market trend.  And even small animal figurines.  You just have to go check it all out for yourself.

If you can’t make it to the Brooklyn Flea, check out Birdhouse Jewelry on Etsy!



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