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Photo of the Day: Black Prince Tomatoes from Wilklow Orchards

Wilklow Orchards is the anchor of the Ft. Green Greenmarket, with several tables loaded with their fresh produce.  They have an incredible variety of heirloom tomatoes, with sliced up, juicy samples for you to try.  These beauties come in any number of colors, sizes, and shapes, and they all taste like the perfect tomato.  There are no bitter, industrial, strip mined Roma tomatoes in this bunch.

The tomato pictured is the Black Prince, which is originally from Russia, with its dramatic coloring and rich fruity flavor.  A family owned farm in New Paltz, NY, Wilklow Orchards brings fruits, berries, fresh veggies, and ciders to the market.  All of their delicious baked goods are made by Grandma using berries and fruits from the orchards just outside her kitchen door.

I’ll be signing books at the Ft. Greene Greenmarket tomorrow (Saturday, August 14th), and munching on tomatoes and peaches from 10AM – 1PM.  Come say hi!

You can find Wilklow Orchards several days a week in NYC:

Fort Greene Greenmarket, Brooklyn – Saturdays

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