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Photo of the Day, December 10, 2013: Refined Gooey Bites from Fav’s Treatery

Fav's Bakery Coconut Bars

Fav’s Bakery Coconut Bars

Actually, I have to show you four photos of the day – it was impossible to choose just one!

Fav’s Treatery makes mouthwatering baked goods that are refined, yet rich and generally gooey. I met pastry Chef Medygo Medy at the LIC Flea and Food‘s indoor holiday market last weekend. He gave me a tour around his delectable collection. You can also find Fav’s Treatery at Smorgasburg‘s new indoor food and flea market location through the winter.

I brought home some wondrous treats. However, I neglected to tell James that they were to be photographed and then eaten. I managed to snatch these four delicious creatures away to the safety of my camera lens, at least for a few minutes. The cake balls never had a chance.

Pictured above is the Coconut Bar, a graham shortbread layered with coconut flakes, caramel, Swiss chocolate and walnut brittle.

Below is the Almond Crocantine, a gluten free combination of honey, almond and dark chocolate.

Fav's Treatery Almond Crocante

Fav’s Treatery Almond Crocante

Almond Pillow Bites, also gluten free, are about the size of a quarter. They come filled with an assortment of cherry, orange marmalade, raspberry, and vanilla apricot preserves.

Fav's Treatery's Gluten Free Almond Pillow Bites

Fav’s Treatery’s Gluten Free Almond Pillow Bites

Last but definitely not least, these tiny morsels are Hazelnut Crunch Truffles. They look intense, but inside they are surprisingly light and crunchy.

Fav's Treatery Hazelnut Crunch Truffles

Fav’s Treatery Hazelnut Crunch Truffles

You can find Fav’s Treatery weekends at the LIC Flea and at Smorgasburg / Brooklyn Flea! They are also the creators of the Bruffin, which I have not yet tried. But when I do, I’ll take pictures first!

(Photos taken on my lovely serving platter from Take Me Homeware!)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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