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Photo of the Day December 12, 2013: Vernakular Sewer Cover Doormats

Vernakular Sewer Cover

Imagine having a sewer cover right outside your front door. It would be pretty horrible because it would mean your doorway was built over the entrance to a sewer.

However, if it was just the coolest door mat ever, it would be fabulous. And that’s exactly what it is!

Raoul Calleja of Vernakular Photo Designs has taken his photographs of sewer and manhole covers around the world and turned them into floor mats. Pick from NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, Taipei or Vancouver. I was surprised by the beauty of these pieces. We tread over them every day, and we really should take a moment to admire the beautiful designs on them. The one from Tokyo is particularly fine

You can also pick up Vernakular drink coasters with these images on them. Dirty Martini, anyone?

You can find Raoul’s floor mats, wallets, journals, tee shirts and more at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market this season! Follow Vernakular on Facebook and Twitter too.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Vernakular Sewer Covers Wall


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