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Photo of the Day December 19, 2013: Yummy Handpies at LIC Flea

Sausage and Sage Gravy Hand Pie at LIC Flea

Your mama never let you eat your pie with your hands. Until now.

I ate a handpie from Handpie NYC at the LIC Flea recently. I love sausage and sage gravy over biscuits (especially after 2AM if you can get them). So I had to try the Sausage and Sage Gravy handpie. Baked on the spot, the pie crust was buttery and flaky, but it held itself together like a dough rather than falling apart like a crust. The filling did taste like a comforting country breakfast, as promised.

The chicken pot pie handpies sell out quickly, especially on a cold and wintery market day. But all the flavors are inviting, like Pork Dumplings, Spinach and Feta and Curry Carrot.

You can also get dessert handpies, as you would hope from a pie company. The more traditional fruit pies are scrumptious. Flavors like Birthday Cake are unexpected for a pie, but no less tasty and satisfying. The menu rotates every weekend, so don’t be sad if your favorite flavor isn’t there. Try something new and be happy!

Go holiday shopping at the LIC Flea and all the other amazing holiday markets this weekend! Then reward yourself with a sweet and a savory handpie!

NOTE: The menu flavors this weekend at the LIC Flea & Food Market are Chicken Pot Pie, Sausage & Sage Gravy and Spicy Broccoli & Cheddar for the savory options. For the sweets, they’ll have Apple French Toast (now topped with a scoop of their own maple brown butter ice cream!) and Birthday Cake.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Handpie Founders Jeff and Ksusha Zito

Handpie Founders Jeff and Ksusha Zito and their killer sign that reflected off my camera lens!


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