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Photo of the Day, December 2, 2013: Deep Mountain Maple – Sugarmaker’s Select Syrup

Deep Mountain Syrup Sugar Makers Select

James makes waffles every Sunday morning. So when we get low on maple syrup, alarms go off, warning sirens blare, and we head to the closest farmers market to prevent a Sunday morning catastrophe (corn syrup from Duane Reade downstairs).

We try syrups from all the maple farms in the Union Square Greenmarket, and last week we visited Deep Mountain Maple, a maple farm in West Glover, Vermont. We had already purchased a jug of their amazing syrup, when the fellow helping us said, “Oh wait! Let me give you a taste our special reserve syrup.”

It was fantastic. There’s great maple syrup, and then there’s syrup that’s so fine you’d prefer to sip it from a brandy snifter. The Deep Mountain Sugarmaker’s Select Vermont Maple Syrup is truly remarkable: smooth, complex and actually not as sweet as other syrups. You’ll definitely want to savor it, whether it’s in that snifter or on a warm, buttery waffle.

They have very limited quantities of the Sugar Maker’s Select, which means you need to head over to see Deep Mountain Maple on Fridays or Saturdays at the Union Square Greenmarket to pick up your lovely bottle. It is so worth it for a perfect Sunday morning breakfast.

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~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



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