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Photo of the Day – December 9, 2013: Crunch On Martin’s Pretzels

Martins Pretzels at Union Square Greenmarket

If you were ever a baby yourself or had a baby of your own in NYC, odds are that you or your baby teethed on Martin’s Pretzels.

Alternatively, if you ever walked through the Union Square, Brooklyn Borough Hall or West 79th Street Greenmarkets, you’ve picked up a bag of your own. You bought them to snack on later at home, but somehow you managed to eat them all before you walked out of the market. Trust me – I know the drill.

Martin’s Pretzels have been made by a Pennsylvania Dutch family for decades, which explains the perfect colors and textures of each pretzel, inside and out. It is no accident that these pretzels put up a crunchy fight when you bite into them, then succumb with a crack, and finally crumble gently in your mouth.

You can buy these pretzels in perfect knots or pick up a bag of broken bits. Either way, Martin’s Pretzels have become an integral part of New York’s social fabric and a household staple. They make great holiday gifts too, especially the big red bucket.

Crunch away!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

P.S. This picture is one of my very favorites from my book. My editor wanted to make sure we had the best possible shot of an actual pretzel. And then I ate the model.

The perfect pretzel from Martin's at Union Square


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