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Photo of the Day, February 19, 2013: Truffles by Coquette

S'Mores Truffles by Coquette, New York

S’Mores Truffles by Coquette

Valentine’s Day was sweeter than ever this year. James made a finger-licking lobster dinner, and we polished off our last bottle of Pol Roger champagne. And then we opened the beautiful box of truffles I purchased at the Greenpointers Valentine’s Day Market the weekend before.

We ought to get a Gold Medal in Self Restraint for being able to wait five whole days to devour the dozen S’Mores bonbons from Truffles by Coquette. Food artisan Jennifer Faylor launched her business just last November. She expertly creates her handmade chocolates in a start-up commercial kitchen in Long Island City, and the Greenpointers event was her first foray into the world of markets. If her truffles are this good right out the gate, I have no doubt she will be extremely successful.

Jennifer uses the finest quality ingredients, including E. Guittard chocolate, down to the smallest detail. You can taste the difference. I had tried Jennifer’s truffles at the market, but James bit into the first one and was clearly transported to that divine place where you are rendered speechless except for the ability to utter “mmmmmmmmmm” just above a whisper. “I know,” is all I had to say.

The s’mores truffles, also known as Annie, seem bigger than they are because they are so substantial. The chocolate fills your mouth, and the creamy marshmallow filling has an actual hint of graham cracker. The marshmallow morsel on top is dry in that great way that Peeps get when you leave them open on the counter on purpose. It adds a lovely bit of stick-to-your-toothiness that enhances the smooth melting milk chocolate and marshmallow cream.

A dozen of these plump beauties come nestled in a black box that Jennifer designed to look like a book. Her first collection includes several different truffles:

  1. Aurora – Champagne and brandy infused ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

  2. Berry – White chocolate raspberry ganache dipped in a white chocolate couverture

  3. Colette – Salted caramel and 55% cacao couverture sprinkled with Fleur de sel de Guerande from the marshes of Brittany, France

  4. Katherine – Classic dark chocolate truffle filled with creamy dark chocolate ganache

  5. Layla – Ground pistachio and milk chocolate ganache enrobed in milk chocolate

(The descriptions are all Jennifer’s, proving she is as good descriptive writer as she is a chocolatier.)

I am so happy to welcome Jennifer and Truffles by Coquette to the market scene. Luckily for us all, Jennifer is going to bring her collections to the upcoming Queens Traveling Market on March 16th! Follow Truffles by Coquette on Facebook for news and updates. And definitely keep an eye on her lovely blog to follow the ins and outs of a chocolate entrepreneur.


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