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Photo of the Day for December 8, 2011 – Gowanus Furniture

Gowanus Furniture Coignet Compact Lime Board

We’re excited that we will see so many cherished friends at the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market, but today Markets of New York features a new vendor that we have not yet met.

Gowanus Furniture was founded in 2011 by Pete Raho to create high quality, locally-made furniture for small spaces. Their intial product line features a range of beautiful cutting boards, and their blog promises tables, bike racks and other products coming soon. The picture above is an image from their website of the Coignet Compact Lime Board.

Come meet the folks of Gowanus Furniture at the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market on Sunday, December 18, and at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday, December 10.  (The Brooklyn Craft Central Market runs Saturday and Sunday, December 17-18, with a completely new group of vendors each day!)

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