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Photo of the Day – July 10, 2010: Hobbit Rare Books and Prints

Looking for prints of ducks or quail to decorate your Hamptons library?  Or Victorian images of palm trees to enhance the walls of your tiny apartment in the city?  You need only go up to the second floor of the Antiques Garage to find multiple tables strewn with hundreds of old prints and books from Hobbit Rare Books and Prints.  The subject matter is practically infinite, from birds and animals, to plants and palm trees, to architecture and history.  Proprietor Arby Rolband is extremely knowledgeable about his collection, and he can help you find exactly what you seek.  On occasion, he will bring a collection of rare artworks to the Garage, complete with history and provenance.  He is also a font of stories about this particular market and the cast of characters that have wander through over the years.

Come and explore this wonderful antiques and flea market today — it is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.  I will be signing books here today from 12 -3 at West 25th Street between Broadway and 6th Ave.



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