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Photo of the Day – July 11, 2010: Ronnybrook Farm Dairy

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy brings delicious, fresh, organic dairy products to the markets of New York City.  This family-owned farm was established in 1941 in the Hudson Valley, and today they are one of the premium organic dairy farms in the country.  Ronnybrook uses no pesticides or hormones, and their dairy cows eat only organic feed and graze on pesticide-free pastures.  So you can rest assured that the flavor of their products truly reflects their pure nutritional benefits.

I love their traditional glass milk bottles, most of which I do return for deposit, although I do keep some for fresh flowers on my table.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am a chocoholic.  So I can’t walk by the Ronnybrook Milk Bar in the Chelsea Market without yearning for a scoop of chocolate silk.  Their chocolate milk does the trick as well, as is evident in this photo of some icy cold bottles at the Fulton Stall Market.  When I’m cooking at home, nothing makes a homemade chocolate pudding like Ronnybrook’s full cream milk.  I buy their butter and yogurts at the Greenmarkets, and their products are available at many fine food purveyors, including Murray’s Cheese.

Ronnybrook Farm is proof-positive that happy cows produce happy milk.


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