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Photo of the Day – July 12, 2010: Bread Alone

If you’ve ever picked up a loaf of bread at a farmers market in the city, or in New York State for that matter, odds are that it was made by Bread Alone.  I have been buying rolls, health loaves, and almond croissants from this bakery for years at the Abingdon Square Greenmarket.  Their breads are organic and whole grain, and the pastries are made from all natural ingredients.  Every loaf or roll is made with care and a commitment to quality and outstanding flavor.

One of my very favorite snacks is a slice of chewy, rich health bread slathered with organic peanut butter and some artisanal jam, maybe pure strawberry from  Beth’s Farm Kitchen or the more complex cherry/raspberry/sage/clove from School House Kitchen.  Delicious, healthy – and filling!

You can find Bread Alone’s breads, pastries, cookies, and other sweet treats at almost 50 Greenmarkets and Community Markets and more in the five boroughs and the region each week, as well as multiple retail outlets and online.

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