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Photo of the Day – July 13, 2011: Sanjules Art Creations

Artist Sandra Second and her husband Julien of Sanjules Art Creations had the sparkliest table at the Astoria Market last Sunday!  They transfer their original artwork to sheets of adhesive crystal fabric and apply them to high quality T-shirts.  Originally from the Caribbean, Sandra and Julien make their home in Brooklyn, where they produce all of their t-shirts and jewelry.  The Photo of the Day features the fabulous “Foxy.”

In fact, all their designs are bursting with color and creativity.  They have their own version of the “I ♥ New York” design, where the text is actually enveloped inside the heart.  They have versions for Brooklyn and Queens, as well as cities their fans and customers have requested.  They also have a line of heart-shaped flag designs for Afro-centric countries throughout the Caribbean and Africa.

Sanjules has designs for men, women and children.  You can wash these garments inside out, and the sparkly crystals will not come off!  Visit the Sanjules website (they’re working on a redesign, which should be ready to launch soon).  They sell their designs at artisan markets throughout the region.  Follow Sanjules on Facebook to find out they’ll be next!

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