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Photo of the Day – July 15, 2010: Lollibomb Beauty

Lollibomb Beauty is a line of beauty products and a best girly girlfriend all rolled up into one great brand!  Founder, owner, and maker of all things Lollibomb Luca Cusolito is committed to creating vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free products that you can dab, brush, spray, and slather on to make yourself feel, smell, and look beautiful.

Want to give a birthday treat to that special someone?  Try the Birthday Cake Vegan Whipped Body Frosting.  Maybe you’d like something a bit more earthy?  Try the New Age Girl scent, an “amber, sandalwood, and patchouli mix with subtle hints of caramel and chocolate.”  Something clean?  The popular White Tea & Yuzu spray smells gorgeous.  Lollibomb’s Snarky Soaps are great as gifts or to add zing to your own shower.  Use “Wash the Hipster Off” soap as needed.

I first saw Lollibomb’s playful products at the Bust Craftaculars in New York, and Luca is a mainstay of the New Jersey artisan scene.  One of the major benefits of buying directly from the maker is the opportunity to ask for custom items, and Luca is happy to whip up some custom soaps and product mixes that make wonderful gifts for your best girlfriends.

Find Lollibomb’s products at or meet Luca in person this weekend at the Handmade Faire: Summer of Love this weekend in Medford, NJ.


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