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Photo of the Day – July 19, 2010: HeartFelt 4 Kids

Just look at this amazing work.  HeartFelt 4 Kids creates heirloom-quality handmade children’s clothing, as well as teddy bears, pillows, backpacks, and more.  As if that weren’t enough, designer Nadine Johnson uses natural fiber wool and eco-friendly bamboo felt in beautiful colors and patterns.  This yellow cape, seen at the Brooklyn Indie Market, is remarkable in the attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship.  The embroidered blue jays and soft felt floral lining will keep your little girl warm and stylish.  And it’s so beautiful that she will want to keep it for her own wee ones in, say, 30 or 35 years (am I right?).

Johnson also makes matching jackets for your pup (HeartFelt 4 Dogs).  The entire collection is artistic, adorable and utterly irresistible.


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