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Photo of the Day – July 27, 2010: Glassblower Kiva Ford

As we all know, markets of any kind can be scrappy affairs, with crowds of people carrying unwieldy bags filled with bulky purchases, having a nosh, pushing strollers, leading dogs, and generally making their way through the market vendors.  I buy my eggs at the very end of my trips to the Abingdon Square market because it’s a bit of a gauntlet to get them all home in one piece.

The Spring Bust Craftacular in May was just such a vibrant scene, made even more so by a DJ spinning thumping tunes.  So when I came across the incredibly delicate work by glass artisan Kiva Ford, I was amazed by what I saw.

Ford is a professional scientific glassblower by day.  In his free time, he applies his technical skills to his passion for glass art and design.  At the Craftacular, his table was filled with the teensiest of fine glass vases.  The one pictured is actually about the size of a quarter.  Each one is colorful, unique and perfect.  His portfolio extends well beyond miniatures to elaborate goblets, the likes of which you would expect to have seen on a banquet table at Versaille, and brilliant lampwork glass sculptures. Ford’s prices range from $20 for a tiny vase to thousands for a set of handmade dragon goblets.  The very idea that you can find craftsmanship of this type and quality in this day and age is nothing short of astounding.

Ford sells his wares from time to time at the craft markets in New York and New Jersey, and this week he launched Kiva Glass on with his sister, Andrea Ford Quinones, who is the creative force behind their jewelry collection.  Check out their fine pieces and start planning your next elaborate dinner party!

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