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Photo of the Day – July 29, 2010: Another Work In Progress

I remember the days when my sisters and I would sit on the living room floor playing Monopoly for hours on end.  I was always the banker, and I always cheated.  Those were nostalgic, care-free days (and I hope my sisters have forgiven me by now).

Another Work in Progress evokes those sentiments with spiral notebooks, sketch books, note pads, treasure boxes, and wall clocks made from old board games.  Proprietor and artisan Dara Hymowitz collects vintage board games of all sorts and creates these handmade works of usable art.  A notebook made from a Bingo card would be a perfect gift for Grandma.  I think we all know someone who would appreciate the Scrabble board wall clock.  Dara cleverly places the clock hands in the center of a Twister spinner to make a conversation piece of a wall clock (pictured).

She also creates beautiful hand-bound and spiral-bound books, as well as stationery, and mini book jewelry.  So if books are your passion, you just might find the one to fill with your hopes and dreams, just like we did when we were 12.

You can find Another Work In Progress weekends at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, or visit her Etsy shop online.

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