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Photo of the Day- July 30, 2010: Andre’s Tavern Vintage Wine Items

Andre Burgos’ shop at the Antiques Garage, Andre’s Tavern Vintage Wine Items, will transport you back in time.  Imagine a wood paneled library, circa 1909, leather and cloth-bound books on the shelves around you, a generous brown club chair, and a bottle of port that needs to breathe.  You pick up your brand new boar tusk corkscrew with the sterling silver studs, and you proceed to open the bottle.  The ruby liquid swirls in your glass as you settle in to take your first peak at the brilliant illustrations by Maxfield Parrish in the new version of Arabian Nights.

Fast forward 100 years, but stay focused on that boar tusk cork screw.  A Walker patent corkscrew with sterling silver caps and studded boar tusk handle (American, 1900 – 1920), it is absolutely stunning.  It is just one of many brilliant and beautiful wine-related items that Mr. Burgos brings to the Antiques Garage each weekend.  He has many different kinds of corkscrews, as well as antique European pocket knives, all wonderfully designed and in excellent condition.  The French decanting cradles and English Sheffield bottle coasters will turn anyone into a wine lover at the mere thought of using such lovely accoutrements.

Come meet Mr. Burgos in person on Saturdays and Sundays on the first floor of the Antiques Garage.  Or visit Andre’s Tavern online.  Just looking at his treasures will help you savor your next glass of wine as if it were the best one you’ve ever had.

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