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Photo of the Day – June 1, 2010: Stinky & Minky Children’s Clothing

Stinky & Minky is a brand of delightful handmade clothes for lucky children.  Designer Maruska Saunders sews colorful clothing made from fabrics that look the way all childhoods should look – cowboy PJs, little white daisy dresses, and loads of polka dots.  Ms. Saunders uses actual vintage fabrics, as well as vintage-inspired ones.  I first saw her work at the Brooklyn Lyceum Market in the spring, and she was recently selling her collection on the Village streets at the Bedford-Barrow-Commerce (BBC) Block Association Fair. If you absolutely must have an adult sized set of those cowboy pajamas, Ms. Saunders might just custom make them for you, but only if you behave yourself.


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