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Photo Of The Day – June 12, 2012: Grey 56 for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is next weekend, in case it slipped your mind. Your hardworking pop deserves a thoughtful gift that is stylish and/or delicious, and the markets of New York City have exactly what you’ll need.

For starters, check out the incredible leather accessories from Grey 56. You can find them Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the Nolita Market. These leather cuffs come in a wide range of sizes and styles, all handmade, and all very masculine. They also design leather and chain necklaces that make a major statement.

If your dad isn’t much of a leather jewelry type, the Grey 56 satchel collection crosses right over from the Badassville to the Hamptons. You can pick up a fabulous handstitched leather bag, or a preppy striped canvas tote with leather handles. Their leather keychains with brass clasps make are also a great gift for your dad. You would expect to see this kind of world class quality craftsmanship and design in the finest men’s stores for five or more times the price that you will find in the market, directly from the people who craft them.

I am never not impressed with every single thing I see from Grey 56, and your dad will love whatever pieces you get him. I promise. Nolita Market is open Friday – Sunday on Spring Street between Mulberry & Mott.


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