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Photo of the Day – June 13, 2012: Merrimack & Monitor for Father’s Day

Still looking for something to light up Father’s Day for your dear old dad? Then I strongly recommend a desk lamp made of reclaimed plumbing from Merrimack & Monitor.

Now I know that last sentence is filled with though provoking phrases and a cheap lamp reference to “lighting up Father’s Day.” But hear me out.

Merrimack & Monitor is a brilliant industrial design company that makes lighting and furniture, and soon housewares as well, out of reclaimed materials. The results are one-of-a-kind statement pieces that fit just as well into an architectural firm office or a book-filled study.  These pieces are made with all sorts of materials, from the plumbing pipes and fittings mentioned above, to “wood salvaged from shipyards, buildings, Brooklyn water towers, barns and building fixtures.” Intrigued yet?

You can find the latest works by Merrimack & Monitor in the Etsy Artist Assembly boutique (fittingly, an upcycled shipping container) at the Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn, which also features the work of several other wonderful Etsy Artisans whose work you will love.

So if I were you, I’d take Dad to the Dekalb Market for a delicious lunch on Father’s Day and let him pick out his own lamp or any other piece that catches his eye.  And one day, as he sits at his desk by the light of his favorite lamp, he will recall that wonderful day and possibly even write nice things about you in his memoirs.

In case you haven’t figured out the origin of this company’s name, check out this interesting bit of history about the Merrimack and the Monitor.

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