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Photo of the Day – June 18, 2010: The Great Scape!

Scapes are upon us!  I came across these green, swirling beauties from Migliorelli Farm at the Zucotti Park Greenmarket downtown yesterday.  For those of you who are wondering what do to with these unusual culinary treats, I just think of them this way: scapes are to garlic as leeks are to onions.  Scapes are young garlic tops that you use much like you would use a scallion, only the flavor is garlic.  They are stronger raw, but when you cook them, the garlic taste is much more subtle.  My friend Kathleen Blake made a scrumptious Farmers Market Frittata with her fresh scapes.  It was divine.  You can find her recipe on her delicious blog, The Experimental Gourmand.

Also, here are more of my favorite market picks on Vital Juice!

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