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Photo of the Day: March 25, 2010

The expressions on faces of the bugs, fruits and vegetables on Bugged Out‘s children’s clothing and tote bags crack me up completely.  Designer Dina Lerman’s Bugs Collection includes 12 colorful images of different kinds of bugs, including a yellow bee, a blue caterpillar, a purple fly, and more.  Her Fruits and Veggie Wear was  originally designed exclusively for the New York Botanical Garden Shop but now available directly from Bugged Out as well.  This line includes smiling carrots, round green peas, plump red tomatoes, and the sweet purple eggplant (featured in the Photo of the Day).  Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie may be carrying Bugged Out’s black ant tote bag in her new movie, “Salt.”

You can find Bugged out at the Greenflea, at the St. Anthony’s Market on Houston Street, and other markets around the city.   A portion of the proceeds from all of Bugged Out’s sales goes to Multiple Sclerosis Research at the MS Care Center of NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.


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