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Photo of the Day March 6, 2013: Finding Your Way With an Antique Compass

Interesting Old Things Compasses

My love for compasses is inversely proportional to my sense of direction, of which I have none. So this collection of antique compasses from Interesting Old Things at the East 67th Street Flea Market was an absolute delight to find.

They are part of a sumptuous display of tiny and intriguing objects collected by a lovely woman at the flea, along the back wall inside the school. She is an artist herself at heart, and it occurred to me that every single piece in her display is carefully positioned and fully visible if you focus. I wrote about her weensy walnut sewing kits in 2010, and her cases continue to be filled with sweet treasures.

The compasses are lovely, as is the 1 inch tall sterling silver doll’s house table with a love scene in an 18th Century countryside (left).

Find Interesting Old Things every Saturday at the East 67th Street Flea between 1st and York Avenues.



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