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Photo of the Day – November 17, 2010: Marly Malone at the Hand Laundry

It had been quite a while since I’d last been to the Park Slope Flea.  So it was nice to go back and see all the great treasures there.  It is a classic flea market in the playground of P.S. 321 in the heart of Park Slope in Brooklyn.  I saw a lot of really great small things, from ceramic figures and old photographs to collectible glassware and beautiful vintage jewelry, including a beautiful brass mermaid pin that I totally regret not taking home with me.  I should know better by now.

It was great to see Marly Malone at the Hand Laundry at the Flea.  (Decades ago, her Brooklyn Brownstone housed a hand laundry, hence the name.)  She sells a variety of new and vintage items.  Her Brooklyn Bridge collection includes tea towels, sun catchers, and oven mitts with a drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge printed on them.  She also sells Irish and Scottish jewelry and keepsakes, like Claddagh rings and silver Celtic knots.  I personally love the vintage linen handkerchiefs and blouses, as well as her antique laces.  Her antique silver baby spoons would be a perfect baby shower gift.

Visit Marly Malone at the Park Slope Flea or online at

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