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Photo of the Day, October 12, 2011: kudu-lah Critters

I remember seeing kudu-lah Critters in Union Square several years back when artist Kenneth Kudulis, Jr. first set out to sell his artwork on the city streets.

What I didn’t realize then is that they are a fixed set of characters, or a community of critters, that Kenneth sends into iconic and familiar locations and situations in New York City, like subway stations and parks, and beyond (like the upstate farm in this photo).

kudu-lah currently features 16 critters, although some seem to be – gasp! – leaving forever.  Yes, three of the critters are being retired to the kudu-lah vault, and three new members of the community will set out on their own adventures.  Each critter has an story and a personality, and many of them are based on people Kenneth sees and knows in New York City.  So if any of them seem particularly familiar to you, they probably should.

Kenneth and his wife Jennifer now run the kudu-lah shop, open 11AM – 5PM daily, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in Downtown Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market.  Their shop is in one of the now-famous recycled shipping containers, which they made to look like an old-time train car, only with a big bear-like critter over the entrance (that would be Gnaw). You can find kudu-lah artwork here at incredibly reasonable prices, and you can also commission your very own piece featuring your favorite critters in your favorite locations.

kudu-lah artwork makes great gifts for the people on your list, from art lovers, to kids, to anyone with an ounce of whimsy.

Where to find kudu-lah:

  1. Fall Crafts in Chelsea this Saturday,

  2. hMag Music Fest in Hoboken on Sunday

  3. Union Square Holiday Market November 18-December 24th!

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