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Photo of the Day – October 4, 2010: Darin R. Gehrke Ceramics

Sunday’s Autumnware Show, curated by Ceramics in Brooklyn for the Minds over Matter series at the Old American Factory (Makers) Market, featured  many talented and unique ceramic artists.  The celadon green of this teapot drew me to the wooden table of Darin R. Gehrke of DRG Ceramics.  Gehrke’s work has a distinctly Asian sensibility in the colors, decorative details, and the objects themselves.  His style combines the “looseness” of the Japanese style with the structure of the traditional Chinese traditional.  This combination of great ceramic traditions is not something you see every day.  From his artisic standpoint, Gehrke has the benefit of seeing the beauty and value in each of these styles and combining them to come up with designs featuring the most beautiful, and often practical, aspects of both.

Gherke is a studio potter with the TriBeCa Potters and teaches advanced adult ceramic classes at the Educational Alliance Art School.

Darin R. Gehrke Ceramics

Ceramics in Brooklyn


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