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Photo of the Day – October 5, 2010: Sego Jewelry

I met designer Samuel Guillén of Sego Jewelry at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg this past weekend.  I was drawn to his simple and sleek display, which featured fine, geometric, handmade jewelry with a modern and architectural look.  Sego’s Silver Bead and Wire Cuff has little beads that travel up and down a silver matrix around your wrist.  This kinetic design move as you move, giving it an extra dimension.  The cuff pictured isn’t kinetic, but the angles and layers make it quite striking.  Pull on that black power suit and funkiest glasses because this bracelet will command attention, and you must be prepared for all of it.

Try on Sego Jewelry and met Samuel weekends at Artists and Fleas!

Sego Etsy Shop

Artists and Fleas


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