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Photo of the Day – October 6, 2011: The Krampus by Geno Sartori

Who is this devil of a fellow?  He is Krampus.  Krampus visits naughty children over the holidays in Europe, while St. Nick is busy plying all the wussy good kids with shiny trains, fluffy bears and chocolate Santas.

Geno Sartori at the Greenflea makes what might just be the most beautiful, colorful, detailed pop-up greeting cards available, using whimsical, vintage German ephemera.  His handmade cards feature intricate pop-up flowers, sweet cherubs, and even brides and grooms.  His Easter collections have sweet pop-up chicks and bunnies.

And then there’s Krampus.

I’ve been averting my eyes from green-eyed, red-tongued Krampus on Geno’s table for several years now.  And then one day my awesome, funky friend Cici Andersen, Editor in Chief of, could not resist the charms of Krampus and took him home to LA.  I saw the scary face in a whole new light, and now I think he’s cool.  Still scary, but very cool.

Come see Geno’s wonderful greeting cards every Sunday at the Greenflea Market on the Upper West Side, across from the Natural History Museum. His tables are inside in the cafeteria section of the market.

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