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Photo of the Day: Saru Star Makes Dirty Jewelry

When I see dirt, I get inspired to clean it up.  When Sayo Granich-Lee sees dirt, she gets inspired to make it into jewelry.

Sayo is the designer behind Saru Star.  She creates fine, beautiful jewelry, which she sells online and at the markets around the city.  I met her at the Hester Street Fair, and I saw her this weekend at 7th Heaven in Park Slope.  Upon closer look, those pearly white stud earrings are made from acrylic denture teeth.  And those earthy, mosaic-like cufflinks?  Dirt.

Yes.  Sayo and her little sister go around town and collect dirt.  Then it goes into the studio, where it is processed, waterproofed, and set in sterling silver.  And so a humble clump of city refuse is transformed into fun — and very interesting — designs.

Meet Ms. Granich-Lee in person at local events in the city, or shop for her designs on


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