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Photo of the Day – September 10, 2010: Tremblay Apiaries

I grew up with that plastic honeybear bottle filled with indifferent grocery store honey.  So I didn’t get the magic of honey (other than the cute bottle) until much later.  Now that I have access to the Greenmarkets all over the city, I have become addicted to the wonderful local honey available from numerous farms and apiaries in the region.

Tremblay Apiaries produces raw, unpasteurized honey on a farm in the Fingerlakes region of Upstate New York.  The variety of honeys that they produce is remarkable.  They have light ones, amber ones, dark amber ones, and more, flavored with the nectar from a dozen or more species of flowering trees and plants.  The Springflower honey pictured is a light amber in color with a sweet, rich flavor and a silky smooth texture.  I spoon it into my tea or simply straight into my mouth.  It is a great value at $5 for a 1 lb. jar.

Tremblay’s Summerflower Honey received the highest score among Greenmarket honeys in a recent NY Magazine taste test. I recommend that you to come to the Union Square Greenmarket on Fridays and Saturdays for a sample or two and pick your own favorite kind.  And they even sell the cute 12 oz. honeybears of my youth.  Tremblay also sells other bee-related products, including beeswax candles, pollen, royal jelly, and even skin creams and lip balms.  Is there anything bees can’t do?


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