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Photo of the Day – September 21, 2010: Urbanrose Handcrafted Jewelry

What woman doesn’t have a soft spot for lockets?  Didn’t everyone have a teensy locket with a photo of a beloved grandmother inside, or maybe a weensy photo cut out of Tiger Beat Magazine?  Growing up, you had to have a locket and a diary with a lock on it – for privacy reasons, of course.  And the contents of both was extra secret.  But lockets have been surprisingly difficult to find for many years for some reason.  Until now, that is.

Urbanrose creates delicate lockets, both small and large.  Each piece is unique and handmade using delicate images appliquéd to the brass lockets.  The images come in a variety of themes, from famous works of art, landmarks, and vintage photos, to trees and flowers, 1970’s design, wildlife, vintage labels, and much more.  You will definitely find an image that will appeal to every age and every style.  I loved the images of these women in paintings and tapestries on the lockets pictured.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this scoop, but Urbanrose is collaborating with another of my favorite market superstars, Bugged Out!  Now you can get Bugged Out’s whimsical bugs, veggies, and fruits on a locket!  Only at the Markets of New York City.

You can find Urbanrose’s collections at the St. Anthony’s Market and the Fulton Stall Market most Saturdays and Sundays. [singlepic id=767 w=320 h=240 float=center]


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