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Photo of the Day – September 23, 2010: Eyewear by Sarita

Whatever your style, Sarita has the eyewear for you.  A pillar of the East 67th Street Market, Eyewear by Sarita sells antique, vintage and contemporary glasses.  I have tried on glamorous Jackie O style glasses, and the vintage 1960’s French cat eye peepers in the photo.  My sister bought a beautiful dark gray frame, also from France, with sparkly aurora borealis crystals in a swirl around the temples.  They are truly unique, subtle enough to wear during the day and flashy enough to wear into the night.  Sarita also has classic brass readers, bright colors from the 1970’s, and whacky designs from the 1980’s.  If you left your sunglasses at home and just need a quick pair to walk around the market, she has those too.

In addition to eyewear afficcionados, Sarita counts among her clients many stylists and costume designers who seek classic or unusual eyewear for their productions.  Find her on Saturdays inside the East 67th Street Market.

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