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Photo of the Day – September 27, 2010: Paperelle

Paperelle is all sorts of wonderful ideas rolled into one:  origami, upcycling, decoupage, design, handcrafting, and whimsy.  Talented artisan Lauren Donnelly creates colorful, paper jewelry and other objets, such as this lovely lightbulb full of tiny, plump origami stars, each one made carefully by hand.  She also makes bangles and other pieces of jewelry using bits of paper that she carefully selects: Japanese Manga, an upcycled physics textbook, or a map of the State of New York.  She even puts junk mail to good use.  Paperelle pieces are all one-of-a-kind, dainty, and sweet.  And if a lightbulb full of stars doesn’t inspire you to dream, well, we need to talk.

She sells her work on, and she is a member of The {NewNew} Artisan Group, selling her pieces at markets in New York City.


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