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Photos of the Day – September 28, 2010: Jennifer Toledo and Wild Rose

In a large section at the back of the Greenflea is Wild Rose, a wonderland of dreamy, ornate, white furniture.  High Victorian meets Shabby Chic in Wonderland, with a dash of your dear old granny.  Jennifer Toledo finds wonderful old pieces of furniture with loads of character at estate sales.  She takes them to her barn in New Jersey, where she strips and sands them, and carefully paints them in a rich, creamy white.  You will find antique French Provincial designs, along with more modern pieces, and they all work together beautifully.  So regardless of whether you are decorating 400 or 2000 square feet of space, you can find just the right individual piece or an entire set.  I absolutely adore the look of voluptuously rounded dressers, romantic armoirs with unknowable secrets inside, and the ruffled mirrors hanging over iron bedsteads.

You can find Jennifer Toledo and Wild Rose at the Greenflea on Sundays,  on the W. 76th St. fence near the back of the market.



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