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Polvilho Bakery Makes Brazilian Gluten-Free Snack Puffs

Polvilho Bakery's Brazilian Snacks

Polvilho Bakery’s Brazilian Snacks

My family lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for about 2 1/2 years when my sisters and I were kids. Our parents worked there, and my sisters and I all went to school and to the beach. We all pretty much had the time of our lives.

I have a lot of fond food memories of Brazil, mostly around grilled meat. But one of my all time favorite snacks was polvilho.

Flax Seed and Coconut Oil Polvilhos

Flax Seed and Coconut Oil Polvilho

Polvilho is a essentially a manioc flour puff. The main ingredient is manioc, or cassava, flour. Polvilho are lighter than air, very crispy, and disappear in your mouth with a wisp of subtle saltiness. Once we left Brazil, however, it was impossible to find polvilho back in the States. And so I completely forgot about them — until I went to the Gluten Free Eat Up, sponsored by Levine’s General Store.

That is where I met Daniela and Kurt of the Polvilho Bakery in New York City. Daniela is from Brazil, and the idea for their bakery started when she began making polvilho at home and for their friends. Of course, everybody loved it, and so they expanded their operations and launched their own business.

One of the things I love about food makers that I meet in the market is that they are always striving to do something new and unique with their products. Innovation is as much of a calling as making delicious food. The same is true with Polvilho Bakery.

Their innovation lies in the development of polvilho in different flavors, made with all natural ingredients and gluten-free. Traditionally, the little puffs are comfortingly bland. In fact, we may love them more for the texture and the way they go from crunchy to gone in your mouth. The Polvilho Bakery has now introduced several new flavors in addition to the original Plain: Parmesan, Sweet and Flax seed & coconut oil. They have a new flavor that I can’t wait to try: cacao!

I love Polvilho Gluten Free Eat Up

I love Polvilho! Gluten Free Brazilian Snacks

I found all of them to be excellent snacks. The flavors are distinct but subtle, like the traditional polvilhos. The parmesan polvilho is perfect for when you need something savory. The Sweet was a lovely, light taste of, well, sweetness, excellent with a cup of tea.

Follow Polvilho Bakery and Levine’s General Store: Gluten Free Eat UP on Facebook to find out when the next event is scheduled and where to meet Daniela and Kurt in person. You can also find their products in several bakeries in the city.

NOTE: Polvilho Bakery is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards! Vote for them today!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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