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Pop Chart Lab: Bringing Order to Our Cultural Chaos

BK Craft Central’s Shop The Archway Sponsored Vendor!

I first heard about Pop Chart Lab in December at the BK Craft Central Holiday Market.  Literally. People in the crowd were talking about an awesome vendor selling clever, funny and incredibly detailed posters and tees.  So I went to look for myself and became an instant fan.  I also made a mental note to buy their Very Many Varieties of Beer Tee for my nephew’s birthday.  He is an aspiring brewmaster, and he’s awesome.  I try to keep him supplied with NYC market tees.

Pop Chart Lab recently released A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music.  Highly complex and completely hysterical, the silhouette hair styles are readily recognizable: E. Presley (circa Jailhouse Rock and Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love), J. Garcia, S. Dogg, V. Ice, K. Cobain and dozens more.  I noticed an omission and sent an inquiry: “Where’s the Bieber?”  (I reluctantly admit two things: this is a shameless ploy to add a “Justin Bieber” tag to the website, and I have two of his songs on my iPod.  Don’t judge.)  In a recent blog posting, they announced the release of a new jumbo version of this chart that will include at least 5 new haircuts, including J. Bieber.  And W.A. Yankovic.

I recently ordered the beer tee for my nephew’s birthday from their online shop.  Pop Chart Lab’s customer service was great!  Super helpful and nice.  One of the most wonderful aspects of shopping at the markets is the chance to communicate directly with the people who make the things we buy.  I can happily report that Pop Chart Lab carries over this same quality to their online shop.

Come see their witty, beautiful and intelligent designs in person at Shop the Archway on May 21st!  If you’re a recovering economics major like me, still dizzy from charts and graphs, you’ll appreciate them even more!


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