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Ravishing Radishes in Our Summer Markets

Ravishing Radishes

We have historical evidence that the Greeks and the Romans ate radishes. It’s likely that people before them noshed on these red beauties too. And here they are today, gracing our modern farmers markets.

The most common are the red variety, which we generally eat raw. They start out crispy and finish with a spicy kapow. James likes to pop a whole radish straight into his mouth. I prefer them thinly sliced on a salad. Their bright color makes for a pretty garnish too, like this gorgeous bunch from S&SO Produce Farm at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Most of us forget that we can eat the radish greens too! They are a bit bitter, and they are best sauteed. I found a nice recipe for roasted radishes with radish greens on


~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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