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Remembering September 11, 2001

I couldn’t go through this day without remembering my experiences on September 11th and the days, weeks, months and years since the attacks.

  1. I’ll never forget the outpouring of sympathy from everyone in the city for each other, not to mention the concern and support we felt from around the world.

  2. I’ll never forget hearing peoples’ stories. To this day, I feel like I don’t know you until I learn where you were on 9/11/01.

  3. I’ll never forget the day I spoke with Lee Ielpi of the Tribute WTC Visitors Center. He asked me to become a volunteer tour guide of the site. I said I couldn’t do it because I would cry every time. He said to me, “Do you think I don’t cry every time I point out where I found my son?” And so I became a volunteer tour guide.

  4. I’ll never forget the privilege of walking onto the Memorial Plaza last year on the 10th Anniversary. I was not prepared emotionally, but then again, I don’t know I would have prepared anyway. It was overwhelmingly beautiful, and the rush of the water blocked out all the sounds of the city.

  5. I’ll never forget the people I have met through my volunteer work with the Tribute Center, and the people we lost whom I’ve learned about and wish I had known.

Mostly, I’ll never forget how much I love New York City, and how glad I am to wake up every day and know that it is my home.

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