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Revving up for 2012 Plus Market Picks For A Cold Wet Weekend!!

Hi Everyone!

It was an incredible holiday season at the markets!  There were almost 50 market events throughout the city, and they were all filled with festive shoppers. I took a little hiatus to rest a bit, catch up on business, and write a couple of book proposals (more on that coming soon). The photo is my co-author Pantera Azul. Not your usual mouse pad, but much warmer and fuzzier.

I want to thank every single person who bought their holiday gifts in the markets. You have supported local artisan entrepreneurs and helped make sure that the creative community that is so important to the culture of New York City can continue to thrive for another year. And I’d be prepared to wager that your gifts were the best ones under the tree this year!  Mine always are.

And I want to thank all the markets and market sellers who make my weekends so incredibly fun and inspiring! I’ve been visiting markets almost every weekend for the last three years, and I still find things that blow me away all the time. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for this blogger!

This weekend there are several great market events going on:


  1. Antiques Garage (Saturday & Sunday)

  2. Artists & Fleas (Saturday & Sunday)

  3. Brooklyn Flea (Saturday & Sunday)

  4. The Market NYC (Saturday & Sunday)

  5. Smorgasbrewery (Sunday only )

  6. SUPER!market (Saturday only)

Outdoors (watch the weather and check the sites for updates):

  1. Hell’s Kitchen Flea (Saturday & Sunday)

  2. West 25th Street Market (Saturday & Sunday)

And of course, your year-round food markets:

  1. Arthur Avenue Market (closed Sunday)

  2. Chelsea Market

  3. Greenmarkets (outdoors)

Even though the weather looks bad this weekend, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in the Markets of New York City!



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