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RIP Bill Cunningham: You Noticed How Stylish A Market Can Be

Ever since Bill Cunningham published this 2012 video in the New York Times about seasonal styles in the Union Square Greenmarket, I’ve kept my eye on the styles in the markets in general. And to this day, whenever I go to the Union Square Greenmarket, I try remember to wear something pretty in case my visits ever coincided with his next seasonal tour. One should never be too shlubby in public anyway.

I will remember his photographs and his stories. He influenced a lot of people in my world, especially my dear friend Grace Napoleon, who adored him. Grace, a fashion designer in her own right, found a kindred spirit in Bill’s love of fashion, as did legions of people worldwide.

I never did run in to Bill Cunningham at the Greenmarket. But I will continue trying to remember to wear a jaunty hat or carry a pretty tote every time I buy vegetables, cheese, or flowers.

RIP, Mr. Cunningham. Safe cycling wherever you are.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



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