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Safe And Warm Indoors In The Brooklyn Flea’s Winter Home

Huntress Home Mid-Century Homeware at the Brooklyn Flea Indoors

Last weekend marked the beginning of the winter season for the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg.

The Flea’s latest new home is Industry City in Sunset Park. I’ll admit it sounded remote to me, coming from Lower Manhattan. I’d been to Industry City before for a Brooklyn Fashion Week event, and I remember it being a bit of a hike. But for some reason, maybe traveling during the day instead of at night, this time it was a quick, easy ride on the N train and a short walk straight to the Flea. So don’t let the location deter you. Just hop on the train and go.

She Hit Pause Studios at the Flea

The new space is on the second floor of 241 37th Street in the Industry City complex. It feels warm and cozy, but it goes on for quite a way. It’s actually quite large from end to end. There are 100 flea, vintage and artisan vendors, each in their own distinct boutique-like space, and 40 food vendors to provide delicious sustenance.

The market is organized with most of the food vendors on one end, the flea vendors, which make up the largest group, occupying most of the space. On the far end is a beautiful handmade goods section and a coffee and donut bar. There are places to sit and eat or just lounge. I envied the fellow enjoying a long nap on one of the comfy sofas. Shoppers follow a natural flow through the space, and while Opening Weekend was crowded, the market did not feel congested.

Smorgasburg in the Seaport runs through November 1st, and Saturdays in Williamsburg will run through November 21st.

See you this winter at the Flea!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Men’s Vintage Supplies from Elton Street 1980 at the Brooklyn Flea

New comfy seating in the Smorgasburg section of the Brooklyn Winter Flea

Collector Kicks for the Sneaker Heads

Avian and John’s Gorgeous Wood and Metal Furnishings

Wonderful and whimsical homeware designs by Claudia Pearson

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