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Scoring The Glorious and Elusive Cinnamon Crispy

Last Sunday afternoon, I visited

Chelsea Market and popped into Amy’s Bread to see if maybe, just maybe, the cinnamon crispies had arrived and had not yet sold out.

Much to my pleasure, I scored two of them! I am proud to say that I only ate one and brought home the other to James. It wasn’t easy, but I guess that’s what love is all about (i.e. sacrifice).

A Cinnamon Crispy is a luscious little muffin made from leftover bits of croissant dough. The buttery bite-sized pieces are placed together into muffin tins and baked like croissants – crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside — and then drizzled with a sugary glaze. Because they are made with individual bits of dough, each bite pops right into your mouth without any flakes or crumbs.

One might consider calling it the Cruffin (croissant + muffin). But the cinnamon crispy is no arriviste. Amy’s Bread has been baking them for years. You can find them in Amy’s shops most days in the late afternoon.

Cinnamon crispies are a perfect snack with your afternoon tea, especially if you pick up a second one for a friend. (But I won’t judge you if you eat them both all by yourself.)

~Karen Seiger, Markets Of New York City


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